• "Grain Silo"
    Photographs, like this one taken outdoors, help inform my constructed work

  • "Desert Island"
    I also conjure miniature environments to create existential realities. Here however, is an image about ownership. I imagine being
    stranded in the Pacific Ocean, delighted to find an abandoned island, only to find out that it's 'for sale' and that I'm trespassing.

  • "Shack on Desert Island"
    While working on/in this environment, I started painting desert islands with the idea of creating a miniature one in color. (See previous image)

  • This is my favorite found, then photographed place. Without the aid of a long camera exposure, 3-minutes maybe, it does not appear as magical.
    The thin little black shapes are doorways with which to hide if a train comes. Another night while photographing on a tall suspension bridge a train did come.

  • "Missile Depot"

  • One of about 500 paper missiles constructed for the depot

  • "Last Supper in the Bomb Shelter"

  • Detail "Last Supper in the Bomb Shelter"

  • Glass house sketch

  • "Glass House"
    I envision the places I create as homes. Not real homes obviously, but I will hole-up in them temporarily for a day or two.

  • Panel for 'Neglected Book' image

  • "Neglected Book"
    The rectangular books were hand-drawn, colored, then arranged for the camera.
    I spent one hundred hours or so on this because I started dating a girl who happened to work in the library.

  • "Evidence of Man"
    This is the first image from a series of space-scape miniature environments created in my basement. I wanted to create an alien landscape and the idea of trashing it.
    That seemed like the most logical first-image for this series. If and when humans invade another planet there is probably a formula detailing the trash factor too.

  • Note and unrelated sketches for possible, future trash-pile images

  • "The Ocean at Twilight, 2010"
    Figures make the landscape dreamy, more imaginative, and they give the place a purpose to be photographed.

  • "I Should Have Been a..."

  • "Upon finding Then Talking to a Djinni..."

  • "Cave and Djinni Lamp"

  • "Exterior View of Cave Boxes"

  • "My Light"
    "This photograph, containing a painting, finally completed the painting I'd been struggling with for three years."

  • "Luncheon," after Bresson

  • Draft for Astrolabe Image

  • "Astrolabe Lyceum"
    Not really an astrolabe but, I do imagine a structure where stars as well as projections of them are simultaneously visible
    in colosseum-like structures from antiquity. Church-like structures where people can sit back and ponder astrophysics.

  • "Near Flagstaff, Arizona"
    These places are not real are they? I mean they are real trees but planted by people? We were driving past stretches of forest for 5 hours.
    But, this was the one spot where the trees looked the way I needed them to for the photograph and the sun was in the right place.

  • "Motel Room"
    Films can affect time-duration and make really scary things happen. I keep trying using still images.

  • "Something Preying on the Darkness"

  • "Drifting Sand, Ireland"
    For me this image nicely clashes with all of our mental images of Ireland.

  • "Still from video, 'The Killing Field'"

  • "I Completely Agree With You"

  • "The Ocean at Twilight, 2002"
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