Although the Walls are Closing-in

  • "Floating Up-River"

  • "The Yellow-Leaf Road"

  • "End Of The Hall"

  • "Mirror To Secret Night"

  • "55 Hours"

  • "Jared"

  • "Although The Walls Are Closing-in"

  • "Waiting Room"

  • "Sleepwalking Together"

  • "Closed For Winter"

  • "Up"

  • "Corridor"

  • "Secret Box"

  • "The Absinthe Drinkers" Adaptation from a painting by Edgar Degas

  • "Titania and Puck, 'Midsummer Night's Dream' Adapted Scene"

  • "The Secret Ways"

  • "Sitting in The Meadow"

  • "Field of Walls"

  • "Time Washing Away"

  • "Secret Treasure"

  • Beethoven

  • "Stuck in the Mirror"

  • "Distracted Watching Him Swim, Trying to Hurry Back to Camp
    With the New Propane Before Sunset When The Nanoagents Start Attacking"

  • "Room 204"

  • "Sancho Panza and Don Quixote"

  • "Running Away From School and Life With Rachel"

  • "Waiting for Geoffrey"

  • "Inching Forward"

  • "Getting Ready For Sleep"

  • "Monster on the Floor"

  • "Things to See When There's no TV"

  • " 'The Yellow Wallpaper' Adaptation"
    "#10 of a 15-image sequence. Taken in an abandoned mental institution"

  • "Laying In The Grass Wearing Sunglasses, Watching The Sky"

  • "Discovery"

  • "Floating Away"

  • "The Cellar and Self-Help Tape Titled. 'There is no peace is avoiding life.'"

  • "Searching"
    This is part of a series which feature a female and male in alternating power roles amidst a hyper-real
    environment of paper castles, discovery, fog, death, ladders, and outer space. The 'world' of still images is more akin
    to something played in a video-game console than viewed in a frame. But, we never slayed a dragon

  • Framed-images, "Searching" mentioned on previous page

  • "Floating Down-River"

  • "Floating Down-River"

  • "Floating Down-River"

  • "Floating Down-River"