Down into the Basement towards Outer Space

  • "At The Crossroads"
    They say if you go there.. I forget, probably at Midnight, that the devil
    will show-up. Hell asks if you want to trade your eternal soul for a present wish.

  • "Light on a Horizon"

  • "BBQ Skewers"

  • "Astrolabe"

  • "Planets on Strings"

  • "Dust on Plexiglass"
    Here, the final framed-image is a product of what is in the framed photograph (minus the dust):
    artist tape, plexiglass, light, matte board a pushpin and some dust. Someday I will make a bunch of sets with that idea in mind.

  • "Female with Offspring" I went with my ex-wife (no offspring) to a church where I saw a woman and her children in a pew in front of us posed as you see.
    I went home and re-created the scene. The setting is abstracted to reflect a more eternal space than a church, but the idea that they form
    a trinity or, a trinity embodied in the idea of mother, wife, daughter is what appealed to me despite it having little to do with the actual trinity symbol. MWD

  • "The Escape"

  • "Woods, Snowstorm"
    This photograph is actually not miniature and should be moved. The bifurcated wall poses as a tree-trunk in the middle of the image; it is.s. The 'fallen-trunk' near
    the front is the tripod leg disguised. I was smashed against a wall trying to capture as much space as possible. There was no room to setup the view camera. In fact,
    I could not even see what I was shooting and had to wait for the film to get back from the lab before I could check anything.

  • "Warmth"
    Jack London wrote about describing things more effectively by indirectly describing them through
    their opposites. Here too, the use of cold makes warm, warmer.

  • "Place to Sneak-off and Have Sex"

  • "Sunrise"

  • "Shelter"

  • "Space Station"

  • "Poster Tube"