Table Top Circus

  • "Carnival and Underground Chamber"

  • "Bus Stop"

  • "1044"

  • "I Loved You Moore "

  • "Pneumatic Tubes Highway"

  • "'Potato Eaters' Cabin"

  • "Wall Paintings Depicting a Migration"
    For me, this evokes three ideas: 1. The oldest known cave paintings were recently discovered in France. 2. If hunting and gathering was still our dominant means
    of sustenance that it would take six planet earths to support the population. 3. Globally we just passed a milestone, more people live in cities than in rural areas.

  • "Rural"

  • "American Southwest"
    This image was inspired by the image on the next page

  • "I Can Not Articulate Thoughts Forth nor Can I Conceive Any"

  • "Super Store"

  • "Neglected Book"
    I hand-painted all the books then assembled them on a rug. The books in combination no longer
    looked like books on shelves but started to resemble an organic pattern or computer barcode.

  • "Country House"

  • "Scroll 1of3"

  • "Scroll 2of3"

  • "Scroll 3"
    The Ancient Library of Alexandria housed approximately 500,000 scrolls and accumulated thousands
    of years of knowledge and stories.Before it was burned down by the Romans in 30 BC it was the 'Google' of antiquity.

  • "The Abandoned Southern Corridor"

  • "Room, Inspiration, drugs, flashback, trying to write photographs"

  • "House by the Sea"

  • "Starry Night"

  • "The Light Finds an Odd Poster of His Second Wife"

  • "Nuclear Storage Facility"

  • "Jungle"
    This was the first miniature image I created. Unlike the others, it has inadvertantly has blood mixed into the wet paint. My arm cut-open
    while trying to climb around the set and awkwardly shut a window. I have also been knocked-out and down from falling set materials, and
    nearly arrested for photographing at least five times. Anyway, this image was about trying to visit a jungle in Papua New Guinea.

  • "No Vacancy"

  • Created from 7 Styrofoam walls and a pvc pipe, I spent considerable time in this 'room' while creating a video adaptation of, "Ulysses".

  • "Artificial Environment Detail"

  • Visual Screenplay board for Ulysses Adaptation

  • Oculus

  • Everest Day 4 Climb. (The Death Zone) ..Ascent is Wrought with Our Waste

  • Lookout

  • Oil Derrick