Playhouse Archives

  • "Passage Out"

  • "Light in the Wall"
    Some Nazis laughing, cozy, drinking beer, eating cakes and laughing more.

  • "Interrogation Room"

  • "Picture of a Photograph of the Sun. —which I can't see, for my shitty view that only a writer would enjoy."

  • "Dark Cupboard"

  • "In the Space Station"

  • "Extermination Room"

  • "Viewing Rooms"

  • "Basement"

  • "Animal Feeding Room"

  • "Set Built to Photograph Rachel's Painful Sunburn"

  • "The Morgue"

  • "Office"

  • "The Haunted Bedroom"

  • "The Office WITH the Window"
    Where we are 10 hours a day, 50 hours a week, 113,000 hours a of lifetime, working for other people.
    ...Cup of tea anyone?

  • "Division Day"

  • "Division Day 2"

  • "17th Century Mother of Pearl Inlaid Box with Cover, Looking Glass and Djinni"